Happy Holidays!
Dec 22, 2014
How how how is it the end of another year?  I guess we have been having fun!  
We don't want to keep you too long... we hope you are spending q-time with loved ones this holiday season.  We just wanted to say: Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!  We wanted to let you know that we chose Feeding Children Everywhere for our annual donation to help feed the hungry.  We are really impressed with their model and approach to hunger.  They created a lentil casserole meal sourced form U.S. farmers which is all-natural with no artificial flavorings or vitamin mix. $1 creates four meals.  Meals are packaged by Hunger Projects and sent to those in need.  Simple. Healthy. Effective.  We dig.  
Remember when we were on Kickstarter?  That seems like ages ago!  Well, we are watching two different campaigns that are near and dear to our hearts and are hoping you can stop by, check them out and support them if you fancy.  
Greenpoint Trading Co. 
This spicy couple is responsible for our Jesus H. Spice.  They are also responsible for our most favorite rubs and blends and they loooove to cook and test out their creations on us.  Lucky us!  We'd love to see them up their game with more inventory and distribution.  
Keyboard Waffle Iron
The creator of the Keyboard Waffle Iron found us while considering his idea and asked if he could pick our brains regarding the development a fun kitchen product.  We supported him then, and support him now on Kickstarter!  The perfect mix of nerd and cool, this is the kitchen product you never knew you had to have.  
That's all for now!  All our best to you and yours. 
Good News
Oct 08, 2014

Hello hello! It’s sure been a while.  The fact that almost a year has gone by since our last post is unsettling.  Talking about time flying is like discussing the weather ... we do it all the time.  No matter how often I acknowledge the speed of time, I can’t seem to slow down.  Not that slowing down is necessary for a post; I’m not making excuses!  I prefer to lean on the adage No News is Good News for this absence.  In the fall of 2013, we were able to successfully launch our brand OMRgoods including some new and awesome products.  We had a wonderful holiday season in 2013 and have been basking in the afterglow.  OMRgoods is doing well, and we are very happy.  2014 has been great for us and everyone involved; Meg just got married to a brilliant and handsome man and Rob’s other business ventures have been taking off as well.  We happy!

Our flagship product, the Grilled Cheesus, is still our #1 seller!  As it goes, our inventory is dwindling. I have a strong feeling it will run out before the end of 2014.   We’ve sent a few emails to customers and made a post or two on social media, but wanted to give any visitors a chance to act now.  Cross this holiday gift off your list, or scoop up a collector’s item, because it will be some time before we're able to replenish our stock.  So move quickly!  And say cheese!  OK, now I'm hungry.

-Meg Birch (<-- that's fun!)

Giving back.
Dec 31, 2013
It's time for us to share the support we've received by giving back.  This is my favorite moment and I've given a lot of thought as to where it should go.  And then I did something I never do, which is give the men the final say:) Rob has chosen Meals on Wheels Association of America which I'm sure most of you know of, but it can't hurt to take a minute to check it out www.mowaa.org. We proudly support an organization that aims to end Senior hunger nation wide.  Carlos also came in with an amazing choice to support Laurel House Middlesex,  a structured, welcoming place where people with ongoing mental illness go to gain support, learn to work, and rebuild their lives.  A friend of his works there and he knows they are having some rough times.  It's an honor to also be able to support those in need locally.  This too is worth your time, http://laurelhousemiddlesex.org/.  
I could go on about how important I feel it is to give back and how good giving feels, but it seems selfish and obvious. (You're welcome.)  In the end, I guess I gave it to the men because I approved of their choices:) Well done guys.  Here's to 2014!
Nov 28, 2013
I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and take the subway to work in Manhattan. (Yes, I take the G train and yes, it is soooo very slow.) Occasionally I get a ride with a co-worker who lives in my neighborhood and has a car (Fancy David) and yesterday morning was one of those mornings.  We listened to the local radio station hosts list what they are thankful for: boob jobs and compliments from co-workers that make them feel like beautiful and attractive people. The way I view it, there is nothing wrong with some compliments and ego boosting.  But come on.  We are not supposed to be thankful for selfish reasons.  This is so obvious! This holiday should make us feel thankful for all we've been given, all that we've worked for and all the people around us.  Imagine you didn't have your best family and friends around to share experiences... nothing, NOTHING would matter.  And so I'm going to express my thanks, in the way I feel is most appropriate. 
First, I am thankful for my rides with Fancy David:)
I am thankful for my health. 
I am thankful for the support of my family.  Because of them, I have had the freedom to think.  I've had the encouragement to make thoughts become tangible things.  Tangible things which will hopefully inspire thought.  It's one vicious cycle:)
I am thankful for my friends.  I include my brother Patrick here, even though he is family.  I consider him a friend because it is not out of obligation or routine that he supports me.  He cares about me and all I do because he loves me.  It is pure and real and I am blessed.  I am thankful for my friend and roommate Tracy.  She not only listens to me ALL the time about EVERYTHING I have going on (we also work together!!) but makes me laugh.  When I'm over-stimulated with a 9-5 job and my own business, sometimes I forget to laugh.  I'm so thankful Tracy is here to remind me. 
I am thankful for Sarah.  Sarah reminds me to reach higher and to stop at nothing.  She lights that fire that makes me want to chase after life. 
I am thankful for Nick.  I am constantly trying to manage the ups and downs of a business and Nick, the most pure and intelligent person I know, tells me I do so gracefully.  If he is lying, I don't care:)
I am thankful for my bosses at my day job.  Three very successful and creative men, who allow me to speak openly about OMR and have even told me to work from home when necessary.  (I never will.) Zach, Louis and John, you drive me nuts in the best way and keep that fire burning.  And yes, I got you upgraded:)
I mentioned family earlier but want to give it some more:  I think I have the most supportive mother and father around.  They understand my intentions, support my ideas and encourage me to go forward, even when I'm most defeated.  When you are someone who mostly cares about impressing your parents, you value their approval and encouragement greatly. 
I am thankful for my adviser, Jono.  Whatta man.  I feel some people are meant to be in your life and when you can acknowledge that person in the moment, things are where they should be.  Jono helps keep our business focused and our emotions in check.  We are lucky to have such an experienced genius in our corner. 
I am thankful for Rob.  Rob has been my base for a long time and as our business grows, he continues to stabilize.  He can stress out along side me when I want company in the excitement and he can calm me down and then of course make me laugh when I need to be checked. I am thankful for a partner who is also a friend who is also family. 
I am thankful for Carlos.   Thankful doesn't sound like enough.  I am overwhelmed by Carlos.  He is passionate about our brand and message.  He is determined to spread the word.  He is the most naturally determined person I know, and the most inspiring person I've met in a very long time.  Carlos is the newest member to the OMR team, handling our instagram and sales. And a whole lot more in a short time, I assure you. 
I am thankful for our designers, Daria and Jason.  They add shine to each idea and magically create over and over again things that grow our brand and enhance our visions. 

I am also thankful aside from OMRgoods.  I am thankful my parents will cook a wonderful meal for Nanny down in Charleston. 


I am thankful I will spend Thanksgiving day with the Heppelers.  I am thankful I am healthy and alive.  This is what it's all about!

Nov 19, 2013
OMR stands for Old Mill Road Elementary, where I met Rob in kindergarten class. We think we are clever now… we named our two class gerbils Kinder and Garten. We shared our formative years learning all the basics. We learned to problem solve and partnered for trust fall exercises yet competed against each other for spots in all-county band and choir. I once decided I didn’t like Rob anymore because he stopped spiking his hair. Our dynamic formed naturally and grew through our education. We completed our BBAs together at Loyola University in Maryland. That is 17 years of school, side by side. Talk about a solid foundation for a business and a partnership. When it came time to choose a name for our business, we had no trouble going with OMR. 
We are working hard on a brand that is an extension of ourselves. We have confidence in our history and can only hope it continues on in a direction that feels true. A direction that highlights the ways in which we were raised: an emphasis on faith, on helping others, on using our freedom to think in order to inspire and feel inspired. We feel there is a strong power in words and perhaps a stronger force with design. We hope all of our products are unique and expressive and that we can be successful in aligning our creations with our values. Lots of hope. Lots of thought. Lots of patience. And lots and lots of coffee and late nights :) Here’s to!
- Meg